All over Europe, young people like you discover their skills. What about you? How much do you know about your potential? Don’t waste it.

Ignite Your Skills.

Greetings, curious project participant!

We have prepared a very special diary for you. It’s called

The Book of Skills.

You can use it on all kinds of youth exchanges and similar projects.

There will be three versions available for you:


If you have a favorite pen and a marker set you can’t live without, download this version and print it out!

All the downloadable files are in .pdf format and are up to 3 MB in size. Please select your language and option:

Digital Version

If you are a visual explorer and just want to check out the digital booklet or use it in a reader or a tablet, check out these versions!

Fixed-Layout ePub

If you are a digital soul and you’d like to preview the activities in your favourite eBook reader, we will prepare this version for you.

Available Soon!

About the Project

Project Ignite Your Skills is a strategic partnership between young people and youth workers for the development of youth friendly self-assessment tools, while being a part of the youth work and non-formal learning. If you were ever a part of any type of international youth project within the Erasmus+ funding, then you have probably heard of the Youthpass certificate and 8 Key Competences as categories or subjects for learning and reflecting new skills and values.

Some youth workers are able to name them, some even know how to explain each competence, but rarely can understand them or use them properly. And if youth workers are not properly equipped, how can we expect young people to learn and adopt them?

There are plenty of texts written about the Youthpass and 8 Key Competences, but they use either too formal language or the texts are just too long.Young people don’t read anything that has more characters than a Twitter post and they always go straight to video tutorials when their need for advice arises.

This gave us an idea: let’s make video tutorials for each Key Competence! Let’s explain what each competence is all about and motivate young people to reflect and to go read more if they want. Let’s develop youth work to be up to date with the reactions and needs of young people. The questions were: What are 8 Key Competences and how can one person make easier self-assessment about his learning, while being a part of youth project? Therefore, the results of the project are video tutorials and a self-assessment diary we called The Book of Skills to be used during youth exchanges.

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